SAW cutting

At PRECISION TS2 Aluminum Profile Machining Center, we can process aluminum profiles in any shape in the X-Y-Z axis. The center enables drilling, milling and threading. It is numerically controlled.

PEGAS 240×280 A-CNC-R-C band saw allows you to cut materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper.

PRECISION TS2 double miter saw is designed for cutting aluminum, PVC and light alloys.

PRECISION TS2 machining center
Length of processed profiles (mm) 6000
Width of processed profiles (mm) 350

PEGAS 240×280 A-CNC-R-C band saw
Material cutting angle 0-60° 
Maximum cutting width (mm) 270
Possible materials: aluminum
stainless steel
Double miter saw for cutting profiles
Material cutting angle from 45 ° (internal)
15 ° (external)
Width of the cut material (mm) 350
Possible materials: aluminum
light metal alloys