Bending pipes and profiles

We offer professional services of bending steel and aluminum pipes and profiles. For this type of orders, we use a professional three-roller bender for pipes and profiles PBT 25. The processing process does not affect the appearance of the material and does not change the technical properties.

After the services of bending sheet metal, profiles or pipes, it is possible to further process the material. We also offer powder coating that effectively protects metal parts, as well as abrasive machining and threading of holes.

Profile bending machine
PBT 25 (Switzerland)
Power (kW) 3,3
Number of rolls 3
CNC PC 400
Drives: Hydraulic / Mechanical Hydraulic
Horizontal / vertical / or H + V: horizontal
Shaft diameter: ø 105 mm
Shaft length: 300 mm
Working speed: 1 – 24 M/min
Moment of resistance: 31600 Nm/cm3
IPN capacity  160 mm
HEB capacity 120 mm
Capacity Flatt 120 x 15 mm
Minimum bending radius (depends on the profile geometry) r = 160 mm
Maximum bending radius r=no limits